Tell me about Artlogs: what is an ARTLOG?

An Artlog is a form of art sharing and publishing in the format of a blog, but differentiated by the predominant use of and focus on Art work rather than text.
An Artlog can consist of any type of visual/audio Art such as: images, music, sketches, drawings, paintings, photos, videos, CG, etc. Remember Artlogs are all about posting Art work, not blogging about Art.

Who we are? And why we doing it?

We are artists, who believe that latest technology developments can and should help any artist to promote his/her Art!
Blogging is today’s most efficient way to publish on the Internet, we believe this is the new way to promote art and artists.

This site has 3 main Goals:

1. Promote Artlogs as a best way to post Your Art on the net!
2. Create and maintain links directory to the best Artlogs.
3. Encorage Artists to create and Help Art to evolve.

Excited? Want to help?

Tell others about  Artlogs.org! Help us grow.